Anita Sancha - Environmentalist, designer and animator.

Anita Sancha


I believe in a green sustainable future world, where community matters.
My animations and short films are often worked within schools, as well as shown during environmental talks, festivals and workshops, so these small films are making a big difference !  I try to create them without the use of language, and mostly with a happy ending.  This way they can cross international boundaries simply using a positive green message.

I work with puppets and toys, modelling clay (Plasticine) models, drawings and other media.  I use the computer extensively and compile these films using chromakey and other effects software. 

I have had emails from all over the world, which  is very encouraging and everyone who knows me tells me I should mention that “I won lunch with Al Gore”....... (in a competition run by Current TV)
Also numerous film Festivals and Workshops. Pachamama Alliance. Possible Futures Award 2011
Green Animation Award Spain CINESTRAT 2011

Pea shoot Media Facebook Page 

Hope you enjoy them.   Anita Sancha, Hereford UK

Anita Sancha Anita Sancha Anita Sancha Anita Sancha Anita Sancha Anita Sancha

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